Monday, December 19, 2011

Ways to wear your Blazer


There are many ways you can wear your blazer! You just have to play around with it and try different things! Just don't go wearing a blue blazer with an orange shirt and black pants and you'll be fine! 

Play up your blazer with different complementing prints! Such as.. I am wearing a polka dot top with a black blazer and black pants. This works because my blazer and pants are the same color, and since my shirt has two different colors, it can get tricky. 

Go casual with your blazer! You can wear your jeans and jeggings! 

Of course leggings look great with blazers! Many celebrities wear long shirts with a blazer and leggings! 
Use your favorite summer dress in the winter by wearing leggings and a blazer! Tt looks great!
Body cons are a great way to get curves! They look great with some leggings!
Use your favorite shorts!

These are different ways that celebrities wear their blazers!


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